“Climate Change isn’t just an environmental issue, it’s a cultural issue. It’s a spiritual issue. The solution is here. It is in individuals, cities and towns, businesses, and First Nations and Metis Communities of Ontario.” – Glen Murray, MPP Toronto Centre


TorGEN, Toronto for Green Empowered Neighbourhoods, is a platform to bring residents, businesses and community groups together to track emissions, learn about environmental resources and to communicate with each other to creatively foster a sustainable plan for Toronto Centre.

This is a new online space. It is to help you understand and connect with your environment and your community. It is a space for us to share ideas, resources, vision and inspiration. A space for us to grow.

We have created a carbon emissions calculator for you and your household to start paying attention to how you live. Through this calculator we aim to:

  • Set emissions goals for your household
  • Track emissions
  • Learn about clean tech resources for your home or business
  • Contribute to the future health and wellness of your family
  • Reduce living expenses
  • Make sustainability goals and plans for the future of your community
  • Help contribute to our goal of being the first urban carbon neutral community in Canada!



Emissions Calculator