Below are a list of resources that are tools for you and your neighbours to start making a change.








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There are many grants and incentives available to you through government and utility service providers. Many of these programs are available for FREE and we want to make sure that you know where to find them!


With over 30 years experience in administering energy saving programs in Ontario, GreenSaver has been contracted by Toronto Hydro to offer the Home Assistance program on their behalf. GreenSaver will process your application, conduct the assessment and notify you of all upgrades

Your local hydro company and the IESO (Independent Electricity Systems Operator) have joined together under the HOME ASSISTANCE  program to help Ontario homeowners and tenants make their homes more energy efficient. The HOME ASSISTANCE Program (HAP) provides income-eligible homeowners, residents and tenants with free energy upgrades in their home. HAP helps homeowners reduce their energy bills by replacing old and inefficient equipment with new equipment that uses less electricity.

The upgrades are free and GreenSaver provides the installation at no cost to you.



From budget-friendly upgrades to rebates for high-efficiency products, Toronto Hydro’s programs will help you save energy and keep your home comfortable – without breaking the bank.


The province is putting its new Climate Change Strategy into action by investing $100 million from the Ontario Green Investment Fund to take advantage of the economic and job opportunities in clean technologies and to help homeowners reduce their energy bills and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

In partnership with Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas, the program will help about 37,000 homeowners conduct audits to identify energy-saving opportunities and then complete retrofits, such as replacing furnaces, water heaters and upgrading insulation. It will also help spur innovation and create jobs in clean energy industries.

Energy efficiency retrofits can save natural gas consumers money on their energy bills.

  • Eligible homeowners will be able to qualify for rebates towards energy audits and home energy efficiency retrofits.
  • Funding will reward real, measureable actions by homeowners like replacing furnaces and water heaters and upgrading insulation that will conserve energy, save consumers money on their energy bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We expect these programs will be up and running later this year in partnership with Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas.
  • Further details about the program will also be available in the coming months.