Idea Distillery 2017

TorGEN is proud to announce the return of the Idea Distillery lecture series, back will all new topics and new speakers. This year we are exploring the complexity of intersectionality in our society. In Toronto Centre, we live in a complex and diverse community. We live in the intersection of cultures, beliefs, patterns, ideas and paradigms that weave the complex fabric of our society. The Idea Distillery wants to explore these themes to better understand our city and our collective way of life.


Our first Idea Distillery took place on June 13th and was a huge success. Stay tuned for more information on the next one!






As part of this ongoing project, we would like to invite the people of Toronto Centre to contribute. If you have any stories or art relevant to the topic of intersectionality, we would love to see it and post it here! Email for more info.


Community Contributions:

Inside Out Presents: Letters

Directed by: Barbara Center

Letters is a poetic expression of the filmmaker’s later-in-life coming out as a Jewish lesbian.

Thanks Barbara for being our first contributor!