Update: On May 5th, 2017, the Ontario Government announced that it would replace the Ontario Municipal Board with¬†the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. This new tribunal will be mandated to give more of a voice to local communities, as well as eliminating “de novo” hearings for the majority of planning appeals.

In this section we will post community news and documents relating to planning issues in Toronto Centre. As the OMB is currently under review, we have received several amendment proposals  from neighbourhood and resident associations. We will post these documents here for the larger Toronto Centre community to consider. In addition, you will find our previous Land use document from our previous OMB consultations in 2013/2014.

Following our OMB discussion in March we will be creating a revised document that will merge our previous proposal with the recommendations that we have heard from resident associations.

Land Use Planning and Appeals Review (2017)

OMB March 15th Deck

2013 Land use PLanning and Appeals Review


BCCA Proposed amendments to OMB

OMB Reform Briefing by BCCA BENA CWNA Final