Cap and Trade in Ontario

Ontario’s cap and trade program gradually lowers greenhouse gas emissions from our biggest polluters. The cap and trade program will give us cleaner air and help reduce devastating impacts of climate change – such as damage to our homes, businesses, crops and forests caused by extreme weather events.

Putting a price on carbon encourages companies and consumers to make better choices for the environment.

Key Facts:

  1. Ontario’s cap and trade program began Jan. 01. 2017.
  2. The cap and trade programĀ caps the amount of greenhouse gas emissions Ontario’s homes and businesses can emit, and lowers that limit over time.
  3. The program will cost the average Ontario household $13 more per month to fuel a car and heat a home.
  4. Gasoline in Ontario will cost about 4.3 cents a liter more. Natural gas will cost households about $5 more per month on average.
  5. Proceeds from cap and trade will be invested into projects that help families lower their energy costs and save money.
  6. Current natural gas conservation programs help save households $7 to $11 per month.

Click HERE to find out more about the household and economic impacts of cap and trade.

What you can do

To join the fight against climate change and lower your costs, you can choose to:

  • Eat and buy local
  • Travel cleanly
  • Practice conservation
  • Drink tap water

Click HERE to find out more about what you can do.


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